Dreaming about Drinking

I’ve gotten to the point when I don’t think about drinking during the day very often. I have reaped enough benefits from quitting that the siren call of drinking is muted – or drowned out, har har.

And yet, in the night I often dream about drinking.

I’m not sure what this means. Wish fulfillment? My unconscious still working through issues? I am starting to see a pattern to these dreams. They usually involve being presented with an opportunity to drink. Then I usually decide I am going to drink, but then things happen that prevent me from being able to do so. Sometimes I do drink, but then circumstances conspire to keep from drinking any more.

I thought I would share with you the dream I had last night, since it was pretty typical. I dreamt we were hosting a party at our house. The guests were people I didn’t know very well. (Oddly, the Seattle Seahawks were there. Marshawn Lynch ate all the tacos.) I was tasked with mixing all the drinks. A woman asked for a Manhattan, and I found I had no idea how to make one. I remembered that the end result was brown, so I mixed together cream, hot cocoa mix, and vodka (ew!). I decided, if she doesn’t like it I’ll just have to drink it myself.

She took it, and wandered off. I kept waiting for her to come back. When she didn’t, I thought: I can make one for myself anyway. But my hostess duties kept preventing me from doing so (including making more tacos!). I kept thinking about that drink, and I woke up still wanting it – until I came fully awake and was relieved it was only a dream.

That’s the positive side to having these dreams: I always wake up relieved that I did not, in fact, drink. So that’s maybe what my brain is doing for me: rehearsing making a different choice. It always reinforces for me my confidence with the choice I have made.


4 thoughts on “Dreaming about Drinking

  1. That makes alot of sense. Every once in a great while I still dream that I AM intoxicated and I wonder if it has to do with that period in sleep when there’s inhibited ability to move and the brain misinterprets it as the lack of coordination of being drunk. It really IS good when you wake up and realize it’s a dream!

  2. I’ve definitely found that drunk dreams reinforce my decision to get sober….it’s like that feeling of complete and utter dread is replaced with a huge sense of relief and then, happiness.

    Marshawn Lynch eating all the tacos, though? Classic!

  3. Beth – I’ve never dreamed that I am drunk, but I think you’re right that it probably has to do with the brain perceiving the body not being able to move. I have dreams all the time that I am paralyzed or can only move with great effort.

    soberjessie – I was kicking myself in my dream that I didn’t prepare more food! These guys are football players, of course they’ll eat a lot! What was I thinking?

  4. In the first 6 months of sobriety, I kept waking up in the morning, wondering if I was sober or if I had been drinking the night before. I was always anxious until I could convince myself that I was still okay. Next Weds will be 1 year, completely free and I don’t dream about it anymore.

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