What are you doing with your sobriety?

I’m writing fiction again.

I used to write constantly — stories, mostly.  I wanted to write a novel but I never could get one going.  I think I was intimidated by the architecture of it — how to sustain a plot.

Having kids was the main reason, or I guess I should say the first reason, I stopped writing.

Drinking was a way to cope with being a parent, and I only realize now how much energy it sucked out of me.  I thought it was helping me.

About a month ago, I suddenly started writing a screenplay, which I have never done before.  I got the idea for it, and I told myself, don’t worry that you don’t know anything.  Just start writing.  And I did, and I’ve kept it up.  I mostly take it scene by scene.  If I get stuck, I just jump ahead a little bit and go back and fill in the gap.  It helps that my screenplay is based on real events in history, so the story is there, I just have to prune and shape it.

At about the same time, my best friend, who lives in another town, asked me if I wanted to try a writing exercise, known as the letter writing game.  Basically, one person writes a letter in character, another person responds with a different character.  You just keep writing back and forth and see how the story develops.  We’re just getting started, but it is so much more fun than I even imagined.

I’m writing again.  And, I have to say, it is fantastic.



9 thoughts on “What are you doing with your sobriety?

  1. Good for you! At almost a year I keep hoping I’ll find something I love to fill my evenings, though caring for my grandchildren zaps a lot of my energy. The letters with your friend sound like fun. Maybe I’ll suggest something like that to a friend.

  2. I’m so inspired by this! Good on you for getting the writing going again. I also used to write a lot and then didn’t, and though I am taking classes in other things that involve writing, I’ve been inching toward getting back to doing some fun writing projects. It seems the extra time and clear thinking that come with giving up the drink can only help in that! Anyway, hooray for you on this! xo

    • I have always loved writing and I kept it up sporadically in my journal, but I had really let writing fiction go. Good for you for taking classes. I might do that sometime for the screenplay I’m writing …

  3. Hi, i came here just because I learned the expression “stick a fork..” just yesterday, my GF actually linked your blog to me, i’ve been reading it for the last few hours, when work permits, and gotta say, nice blog, good writing, keep it up.

    Good luck on getting rid of your adiction, i’ve decided to stop a few times, but just because of the hangover, not because im adicted or anything xD

    Anyway, i’m still drinkinng.


    • Ha — well, this is both literal and metaphorical, so I hope illustrates well the use of the saying.

      Good for you if you can still drink without a problem — though I must say one of the benefits of quitting is not having to deal with hangovers. Cheers!

  4. I loved this post, partly because I’ve also taken up writing again in sobriety. I especially like what you said about alcohol sucking the energy out of you–like you, I can’t say that drinking was the first or the only reason I stopped writing before, but looking back I can say that it certainly didn’t help. My post on starting to work again is here is you are curious. 🙂 : http://offdry.wordpress.com/2014/07/27/day-396-recovery-uncovery/


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