No, I haven’t fallen off the wagon

Interesting fact:  one theory on the origin of the phrase “on the wagon” is that condemned prisoners got one last drink before getting on the wagon to go to be hanged.  The theory is that it originated as a joke that life without alcohol would be … well, like taking a ride to the gallows.

(Ah, gallows humor — literally.)

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  My parents came to visit and that kept us busy.  I have told my parents what happened and that I’ve quit drinking.

I mentioned awhile back that I was eager for one of the side benefits of giving up alcohol — dropping a few pounds.  I am not overweight, according to the scale, but I have a little “brandy belly” that I hoped would go away.  Well, it wasn’t budging and I was getting impatient so I decided to drop sugar and refined flour too.  Right when I stopped drinking I couldn’t imagine giving up anything else — in fact, I felt like I was “owed” any other indulgence I could get my hands on!  I still think this is absolutely true at first, by the way, so anyone reading this who is still in early days, please, have chocolate, candy, cake, whatever you want, if it helps in not drinking!

But somehow, after a month or so, I felt ready.  I was feeling so good overall, that I noticed my body didn’t feel as good when I ate sugar or processed food.  It was like removing one poison put me back in better touch with my body and how it felt, how it reacted to what I was feeding it.  And my body feels better when I give it good fuel to run on.  I know, it’s a radical idea, but bear with me here.

So (drum roll), after two weeks with no sugar and white flour, I have finally dropped five pounds (or so), and I think almost all of it was from around my middle.  My pants fit better, and I’m able to wear jeans again that had become uncomfortably tight at the waist.  And I know for a fact that I couldn’t have done this when I was drinking.   Getting through each day was all I could handle.  Actually, I didn’t even feel I could handle that — not without alcohol, anyway.   So glad to be here on the other side.